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Summary: Growing Your Company's Leaders - Robert Fulmer and Joy Conger

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The must-read summary of Robert Fulmer and Jay Conger's book: "Growing Your Company's Leaders: How Great Organizations Use Succession Management to Sustain Competitive Advantage".

This complete summary of the ideas from Robert Fulmer and Jay Conger's book "Growing Your Company's Leaders" shows that due to the fact it is now commonplace for executives to change from one organization to another during their careers, succession management has moved from the background into headline status. What was once an issue of interest only to the human resourcesdepartment is now a potential source of competitive advantage for organizations large and small. Quite simply, whoever can win the war for executive talent stands the best chance of prospering in the future. This summary points out the seven key elements of a robust succession management system. 

Added-value of this summary: 
� Save time 
� Understand the key concepts 
� Increase your business knowledge 

To learn more, read "Growing Your Company's Leaders" and establish a successful succession management system. 


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