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Summary : Taking People With You - David Novak

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The must-read summary of O. Casey Corr's book: "Money from Thin Air: The Story of Craig McCaw, the Visionary, who Invented the Cell Phone Industry, and His Next Billion-Dollar Idea".

This complete summary of the ideas from O. Casey Corr's book "Money from Thin Air" tells the lively story of an entrepreneur who changed the face of the cellular industry: Craig McCaw. He was one of the first who believed that the public would embrace mobile phones. The story begins in 1973, when the young McCaw bought a small cable television company in rural Washington. This summary explains how this communications tycoon expanded his empire and created one of the largest cable operations in the United States.

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To learn more, read "Money from Thin Air" and discover this fascinating insight into the mobile phone industry.


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