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Summary: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect - John C. Maxwell

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The must-read summary of Tim Jackson's book: "Inside Intel: How Andy Grove Built the World's Most Successful Chip Company".

This complete summary of the ideas from Tim Jackson's book "Inside Intel" shows how Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore built their company thanks to their reputations and their dedication to their goals. In his book, the author tells their compelling story and analyzes what made their business decisions so effective. According to Jackson, Intel's success was based on three things: expertise, persistence and hiring the right people. This summary explores the actions behind the company's success and is sure to inspire you to overcome obstacles and stay on the path to achieving your goal no matter what.

Added-value of this summary:
� Save time
� Understand key concepts
� Expand your business knowledge

To learn more, read "Inside Intel" and discover the secrets behind the success of the global computing company and the journey taken by its founders to get there.


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