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Summary: The Power Of Unfair Advantage - John Nesheim

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The must-read summary of David Maister's book: "Practice What You Preach: What Managers Must Do to Create a High Achievement Culture".

This complete summary of the ideas from David Maister's book "Practice What You Preach" asks a fundamental question: �Is there a statistical correlation between employee attitudes and financial success for a business? And if there is, what is the correct sequence � do employee attitudes drive financial success or does financial success itself result in improved employee attitudes?� To answer these questions definitively, a survey was conducted and the data collected formed a convincing proof that if a business first energizes and excites its people, they will then serve clients well with the result that the business will make lots of money. This summary will teach you the importance of personal character in managers who aspire to lead their firms to greatness.

Added-value of this summary:
� Save time
� Understand key concepts
� Expand your knowledge

To learn more, read "Practice What You Preach" and discover the research that reveals exactly what makes a business successful.


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