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Summary : Google+ for Business - Chris Brogan

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The must-read summary of Jack Collins and Michael Leboeuf's book: "Work Smarter Not Harder: 12 Theories of How to Work Smarter".

This complete summary of the ideas from Jack Collins and Michael Leboeuf's book "Work Smarter Not Harder" explains how the concept of "working smarter" does not mean making less effort, it simply means making every day count and enjoying your life and all the opportunities it offers. In their book, the authors demonstrate how working smarter makes better use of your time and energy, making you happier and more productive. This summary shows you how you can start applying the "working smarter" approach in order to make the most of your business time and your free time, leading to greater personal satisfaction.

Added-value of this summary:
� Save time
� Understand key concepts
� Expand your knowledge

To learn more, read "Work Smarter Not Harder" and find out how you can make the most of your time and increase your productivity in every area of life.


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