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Summary : Wallstreet.Com Fat Cat Investing at the Click of a Mouse - Andrew D. Klein

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Complete summary of Carter Pate and Harlan Platt's book: "The Phoenix Effect: 9 Revitalizing Strategies No Business Can Do Without".

This summary of the ideas from Carter Pate and Harlan Platt's book "The Phoenix Effect" answers one of the biggest questions in the business environment: why do so many successful companies fail? In their book, the authors present their research and conclude that these failures are the result of managers that refuse to accept that they are losing and fail to take action. This summary provides a detailed insight into the reasons behind business failures, meaning you can keep an eye on your own strategies and know when it's time to act.

Added-value of this summary:
� Save time
� Understand key concepts
� Expand your business knowledge

To learn more, read "The Phoenix Effect" and discover how you can ensure that failures in your company are spotted in time and turned around.


Business News Publishing






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