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Summary : Time Management from the Inside Out - Julie Morgenstern

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The must-read summary of Denis Waitley's book "Being the Best: Learn How To Replace Self-Destructive, Popular Myths with Life-Changing, Practical Truths". 

This complete summary of the ideas from Denis Waitley's book "Being the Best" shows that success in life is not measured by what a person gets, but by what they continue to do with what they have. The concept of success is very personal. Therefore, happiness and fulfillment are actually generated through the richness of the experience on the journey to success and not in the fleeting moment when someone feels they have arrived. In the final analysis, success is not a destination at all � it�s a way to travel. This summary highlights that success must be built from the inside out if it is to be sustained over an extended period. It has nothing to do with comparisons to other people, and everything to do with the exhilaration that comes with doing something that is extraordinary, excellent and heart warming.

Added-value of this summary: 
� Save time 
� Understand key concepts 
� Increase your business knowledge

To learn more, read "Being the Best" and find out how to unleash your potential and be the best you can.


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