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Summary : Repeatability - Chris Zook and James Allen

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Complete summary of Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer's book: "The Innovator�s Method: Bringing the Lean Startup Into Your Organization"

This summary of ideas from Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer's book "The Innovator�s Method: Bringing the Lean Startup Into Your Organization" tells you how successful innovators work and why. According to Furr and Dyer, it�s all about looking for a problem, developing prototypes and establishing a solid business model. They have devised the Innovator�s Method to help you do all of these things successfully.

The Innovator�s Method involves six key stages:

1. Insight
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. Biz Model
5. Pivot
6. Scale It

Reasons to read this summary:

� Save time
� Follow the example of the greatest innovators
� Use the Innovator�s Method to make your product successful

To learn more, read the summary of �The Innovator�s Method� and find out how you can create the innovative products that customers want!


Business News Publishing






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