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Summary: Automatic Wealth For Grads - Michael Masterson

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Complete summary of Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske's book: "Trading Up: Why Consumers Want New Luxury Goods - And How Companies Create Them".

This summary of the ideas from Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske's book "Trading Up" shows that the tastes and preferences of American middle-market consumers are changing. More and more, they are starting to be willing to �trade up� in some areas � to pay a premium price for products and services that provide a greater level of quality than typical mass market offerings. As a result, a new concept is emerging in the marketplace: �New-Luxury�. In their book, the authors explain that new-luxury products break the traditional norms of the past and sell at comparatively high volumes, despite their relatively high price levels. This summary is a must-read for both marketers and consumers who want to become smarter in an increasingly sophisticated marketplace.

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To learn more, read "Trading Up" and discover the new-luxury products that will change the way you think about the marketplace.


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