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Summary : Full Engagement! - Brian Tracy

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Complete summary of J. Edward Russo and Paul Schoemaker's book: "Winning Decisions: Getting it Right the First Time".

This summary of the ideas from J. Edward Russo and Paul Schoemaker's book "Winning Decisions" shows that in order to make effective business decisions, you need a decision-making process that is structured, sound and consistent. In their book, the authors presents a four-stage process for making decisions that will help you to envision the problem as a whole and make the right decision that will be beneficial in the present and the future. This summary also highlights the importance of learning from the effects of each decision you make in order to constantly improve your skills.

Added-value of this summary:
� Save time
� Understand key concepts
� Expand your decision-making skills

To learn more, read "Winning Decisions" and find out how you can make the rights decisions every time!


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