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Summary : What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School - Mark H. Mccormack

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The must-read summary of Bernd Schmitt's book: "Experiential Marketing: How To Get Customers To Sense, Feel, Think, Act and Relate To Your Company and Brands".

This complete summary of the ideas from Bernd Schmitt's book "Experiential Marketing" offers a new way to look at the goal of marketing. In fact, traditional marketing is benefits-oriented � that is, consumers are assumed to be rational decision makers who seek to maximize the number of benefits they derive by comparing different products that offer different sets of features. In this context, branding is used to create awareness and attention. This summary highlights that, by contrast, experiential marketing suggests that consumers want to be stimulated, entertained, educated and challenged by the products or services they buy. In fact, customers are looking for brands that provide them with memorable experiences. Thus, the central activity of experiential marketing is to develop efficient ways to create and deliver experiences. 

Added-value of this summary: 
� Save time 
� Understand key concepts 
� Increase your business knowledge

To learn more, read "Experiential Marketing" and discover an insightful guide which will help managers and strategists complement their tactical efforts in the marketplace.


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