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Summary: Guts - Robert Lutz

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The must-read summary of Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin's book: "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet: The Complete Guide to Making Money On-Line".

This complete summary of the ideas from Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin's book "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet" shows that the essential goal of guerrilla marketing is to achieve conventional goals ﻡ؟ﺵ such as profits ﻡ؟ﺵ using unconventional methods ﻡ؟ﺵ such as investing energy in marketing instead of money. Guerrilla marketing is needed because it gives small businesses a sustainable competitive advantage: certainty in an uncertain world, economy in a high-priced world, simplicity in a complicated world and marketing awareness in a clueless world. This summary explains that the Internet is the best weapon yet invented to expand your business and reach new customers. Guerrilla marketing helps you to do that as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Added-value of this summary: 
ﻡ؟ﺵ Save time 
ﻡ؟ﺵ Understand key concepts
ﻡ؟ﺵ Increase your business knowledge

To learn more, read "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet" and place your company on the path to success!


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