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Summary : Think Like A Freak - Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

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Complete summary of Frank Felberbaum and Rachel Kranz's book: "The Business of Memory: Fast-Track Your Career With Supercharged Brainpower".

This summary of the ideas from Frank Felberbaum and Rachel Kranz's book "The Business of Memory" shows that everyone has a photographic memory. The problem is that this perfect recall of new information usually only lasts about one-tenth of a second - not long enough to be useful. In their book, the authors present a system that can be used to extend the retention time and increase the amount of information that gets captured. This summary explains how to follow a few simple steps to become better at remembering things and receive huge career benefits.

Added-value of this summary:
ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Save time
ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Understand key concepts
ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Expand your knowledge

To learn more, read "The Business of Memory" and improve your ability to remember anything you want.


Business News Publishing






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