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Summary : Disciplined Dreaming - Josh Linkner

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The must-read summary of Richard Laermer and Michael Prichinello's book: "Full Frontal PR: Getting People Talking About You, Your Business or Your Product".

This complete summary of the ideas from Richard Laermer and Michael Prichinello's book "Full Frontal PR" reveals the "insider secret" of the PR industry is that companies are actually better off handling their own publicity rather than hiring a PR firm. In their book, the authors explain that as long as you understand the basic principles of what you want to accomplish, you'll probably generate more buzz and media attention by handling PR yourself. This summary will tell you everything you need to know if you want to be effective at generating publicity and creating a buzz around your company.

Added-value of this summary:
ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Save time
ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Understand key concepts
ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Expand your PR skills

To learn more, read "Full Frontal PR" and discover the key to doing your own PR and getting people excited about your message.


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