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Summary : Payback - James Andrew And Harold Sirkin

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Complete summary of Laurie Windham and Ken Orton's book: "The Soul of the New Consumer: The Attitudes, Behaviors and Preferences of E-Customers".

This summary of the ideas from Laurie Windham and Ken Orton's book "The Soul of the New Consumer" asks an important question: "What are the new consumers of the Internet economy like, and how do they differ from the traditional consumers?". In their book, the authors reveal the results of their analysis into internet uses, showing just how empowered consumers have become in the new economy, and how much they enjoy the balance of power being in their favor. This summary will teach you about the changes experienced in business and what this means for the future of your company.

Added-value of this summary:
Save time
Understand key concepts
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To learn more, read "The Soul of the New Consumer" and discover how you can deal with online selling and gain success in the new economy.


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