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Summary: How Toyota Became #1 - David Magee

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Complete summary of Sergio Zyman's book: "The End of Marketing as We Know It".

This summary of the ideas from Sergio Zyman's book "The End of Marketing as We Know It" reveals the authors central tenent behind his work at Coca Cola: marketing is an act of magic that people have taken an oath to protect. According to Zyman, today's consumers have a bewildering array of choices so companies can no longer just sell a product, they have to give people a reason to buy. In this summary, Zyman takes you through his marketing strategies and demonstrates that it is possible to not only position your product, but to re-position that of your competitor. By following his advice, you will learn how to use your marketing strategies to become a part of your customer's world and focus on your central message.

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Save time
Understand key concepts
Expand your business knowledge

To learn more, read "The End of Marketing as We Know It" and learn the secrets behind the art of marketing from Coca Cola's marketing man.


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