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Mor-Lath the mawialt

Jonathan Simard, Maude Corriveau, Guy Buckley


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Mor-Lath, a young mawialt, has two small, insignificant errands entrusted to him by his father. However, the big city of Rein-Ruof greatly intimidates Mor-Lath with its cosmopolitan side, where the mawialtish are not welcome. Will the imposing city and the prejudices of its inhabitants prevent Mor-Lath from performing his tasks? Available in epub, pdf and mobi format. This 28-page eBook is a tale for all ages. Adults will take as much pleasure as their kids reading this children’s litterature. The So-Lam tales are written with a rich vocabulary. The plot will get the young thinking, because nothing is simple in So-Lam! The ideal children’s book!


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