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my incredible dreams

Jean Pierre Bernadin


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Angels and Devil, god and luminous Virgin, fires and giant tsunami, tornado and flood, end of the world and Apocalypse, celestial and terrestrial voice that speaks to me, but what happens to me? I, who had rather a quiet life and a good order, suddenly! I swung from the world of dreams, into the incredible world of powerful and revealing dreams. Characters at the foot of my bed who speak to me, my body floats and I travel in tunnels bright! I go into the stars and walk between the celestial constellations. On my way, I meet all kinds of characters as strange as each other! Angels applaud me and I finally end up meeting God! Would I have become completely mad! Or just an intense dreamer I was asking? Who can tell me? An angel perhaps? Warning : The translation of the French has been made by the author himself and undoubtedly contains many defects, the author without excuse.


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Romans & fictions, Fantasy, En langues étrangères, Top des Romans