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My True and Complete Adventures as a Wannabe Voyageur

Phyllis Rudin


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In this coming-of-age story, Benjie Gabai is convinced he’s been the victim of a terrible cosmic hoax. Instead of being born in the 18th century as a French-Canadian voyageur, God has plunked him down in present-day Montreal, into a family that views his fur trade obsession as proof that their Benjie, once so bursting with promise, has well and truly lost it. Benjie serves out his days as caretaker of The Bay’s poky in-store fur trade museum, dusting and polishing the artifacts that fuel his imagination. When he learns his museum is about to be closed down, scattering his precious collection to the four winds, he hatches a plan that risks bringing his voyageur illusions lapping dangerously up against reality.My True and Complete Adventures as a Wannabe Voyageur melds Canadian frontier history with the madcap adventures of a young man who is not ready to meet adulthood head on.
Praise for My True and Complete Adventures as a Wannabe Voyageur

"I enjoyed ... the way that Rudin was able to successfully romanticize the Voyageurs and make them mythical beings."
~ From the Dusty Bookshelf

"Calling all Canadian fiction lovers, if you’re looking for a light-hearted and very endearing book full of Canadiana and absurd storylines, then this book will tickle your fancy."
~ Worn Pages and Ink blog


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