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Blame it on the Rain

Jamie Hill


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Charlie Naughton and Jenny Craft grew up together. Their parents were best friends and the kids were inseparable throughout their school years. But when Charlie goes off to college, he’s focusing more on his baseball scholarship than the friend he’s leaving behind. Jenny’s been in love with Charlie since she was seven, and he kissed her at his brother’s wedding reception. Since then she’s bided her time, waiting for him to realize that he loves her, too. Her senior year of high school is supposed to be one of her best. But when her parents’ marriage hits the skids and her best girlfriend makes a surprise announcement, Jenny barely has time to deal with her blossoming romance. And with Charlie’s insane schedule, thinking about each other seems to be the best they can do. When they finally find time to be together, neither one of them wants it to end. “If anyone asks where we were, we’ll just blame it on the rain.” But is ‘happily ever after’ really possible?


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Romans & fictions, Romance, International, Top des Romans