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Bouquet of Thorns

Sheila Claydon


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On a travelling scholarship in India, Sarah’s brother has left her in charge of his run-down wine bar, telling her to sell it if she can. Waitressing in the evening as well as trying to establish her own flower shop during the day is more than she can cope with, however, and when she starts to fall out with the customers she knows it’s time to stop. Then the owner of the biggest hotel in town offers to buy it and, fingers crossed, she hopes her troubles will soon be over. Unfortunately for Sarah, they are only just beginning. Working long hours, using the profits from her own business to prop up the wine bar, and trying to pacify her disgruntled boyfriend, she is too tired to think straight as she lurches from one catastrophe to the next. And even worse is the fact that Sean Marlow, with his Viking warrior beard and piercing blue eyes, always seems to be at the bottom of them.


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Romans & fictions, Romance, Fiction historique, International