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The Long Road Home : A Homespun Romance

Geeta Kakade


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Margaret Browning comes home for the summer to help her Aunt Jan, who tells her she isn’t doing too well. Margaret finds Aunt Jan fine, but she, Margaret seems to have opened a Pandora’s box into her own past by returning. Her brother Timmy is drawn to the new truck stop in Inchwater, and nothing Margaret can say about the way their parents died will stop him. What’s worse is that owner of the huge trucking empire, Matthew Magnum, seems around all the time constantly challenging her to face the ghosts of the past and her feelings for him. Matthew has never met anyone as stubborn as Margaret Browning but as he gets to know her he realizes she is struggling with the load of the past, of feeling responsible for Timmy. Can he help her see the past for what it was, assist her in overcoming her fears and show her the way home to the truth without losing her.


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Romans & fictions, Romance, International, Top des Romans