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Daddy's Little Girl : A Homespun Romance

Geeta Kakade


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Sara Adams is desperate for a new job. Her uncle’s death and his will dictate she has to move out of the house where she cared for him immediately. Her ad in the local paper ends up in the matrimonial section thanks to a friend in a hurry. Jason Graham has to find a wife immediately. His two-year-old daughter Kelsey hasn’t spoken a word and his late wife’s mother, Dee Dee Smythe, is taking him to court for custody of his child, claiming that it is his traveling and unsettled lifestyle that is affecting Kelsey’s development. His upcoming, unavoidable trip to London with Kelsey will only give Dee Dee more ammo for the war she wants to wage with him. Sara isn’t the person Jason would have picked for a wife but desperation makes him insist she marry him. She needs a job and he wants a temporary wife. Sara is forced to accept knowing in six months she will be free and the money will give her the start she needs. She insists however that she travel as Jason’s fiancée not his wife. While trying to convince Dee Dee that they are in love and keep up the tangled web of their deception, Jason and Sara find their feelings spiraling out of control, not quite sure when their playacting becomes a reality.


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Romans & fictions, Romance, International, Top des Romans