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The Old Fashioned Way : A Homespun Romance

Geeta Kakade


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When Abby Silver attends a seminar given by Daniel Hawthorn on ‘How to fix your ailing business,” she doesn’t find the answers she expected. Overcome by the need to help the grandmother who raised her hold on to her failing business, Abby challenges Daniel Hawthorn, saying there is a huge gap between preaching remedies vs. actually putting them into practice and proving they work. An incensed Daniel finds himself visiting the Busy Bee, only for a quick look, as he tells himself. He finds himself so drawn to the young widow Abby, her grandmother and The Busy Bee that he stays on. It’s only to prove to her that he knows what he lectures about, Daniel tells himself but as he works through the problems, the turnaround whiz finds he’s playing a game of emotional strip poker. The veneer of his successful, jet set lifestyle is removed by the truth. People come first, success second. At the Busy Bee Daniel learns life isn’t professional success alone or having more money than one needs; it’s defined by successful relationships and having someone to share everything with. The people here have everything though they are facing bankruptcy because they have each other. Suddenly more important than upholding his reputation is the need to find the happiness that’s eluded him forever. Can love teach Abby to trust. . .and thaw his own heart.


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Romans & fictions, Romance, International, Top des Romans