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Perscription For Love : A Homespun Romance

Geeta Kakade


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Tess Hudson starts her own business as an entertainer at children’s parties, when she cannot find a job as a teacher. Her beloved Aunt Mattie has had surgery and needs Tess to live with her in Green Valley, a suburb of California. Tess runs into trouble when pre-teens at a birthday party lure her into the garden shed and lock her there. Rescued by Dr. Simon Tyler she accepts his job offer of working at Reaching for Rainbows the children’s hospital where he’s administrator. RFR wants to start a program studying the effect of laughter therapy on sick children. Aware that she’s far too attracted to the doctor Tess takes the position determined to steer clear of him. That isn’t as easy as she plans. When she meets Brewster a six year old orphan admitted to RFR for a tricky heart surgery pioneered by Simon, Tess wants nothing but the best for the little boy. Dr. Tyler however has stopped performing surgery since one of his patients died when he was operating. It’s going to take a great deal to get him to change his mind. Simon wants to marry Tess telling her they have a lot in common but Tess wants to know that he believes in love . For a number of reasons he’s put his feelings into cold storage and says love is just a delusion.…will he ever fill the prescription for love she wants him to?


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Romans & fictions, Romance, International, Top des Romans