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To Love and Protect : Boxed Set

Kat Attalla, Jude Pittman


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CODENAME:ROMEO Victoria Jansen can write a book about Quantum Physics—but get her around a handsome man and she is awkward and clueless. Agent Erik Sanders doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Victoria is trouble. The physicist has the mind of a computer and the body of a centerfold—too bad she’s also the prime suspect in his industrial espionage case. Working undercover brings them in constant contact. Suddenly scientific principals like chemistry and forces of nature are taking on a whole new meaning. MURPHY’S LAW Customs Agent Jack Murphy knows fear and intimidation work.. But instinct and experience fail when he sets out to retrieve Lilly McGrath-- a blonde beauty who is either a willing participant or an innocent pawn. While working as an export clerk Lilly, stumbled upon her boss's illegal activities. After an attempt on her life, she flees to Europe to hide but no matter where she runs, she can’t lose the dangerously handsome stranger following her. But someone else is determined to see that she never makes it home to testify. If she is to survive she must learn to trust the man who both frightens and excites her. GUARDING KELSEY When an independent, blue-blooded heiress is placed in protective custody with a controlling, blue collar cop, the sparks fly. Detective Wolf Krieger is ordered to protect a woman who witnessed a gangland murder. He should be on the streets investigating, not stuck babysitting a witness. Kelsey Winston is not your average heiress. A short and bitter marriage to a violent man shattered her opinion of the male species. And the dark, brooding detective is not likely to change her point of view. His assignment is to keep her safe, and he will do his job his way, whether she likes it or not.


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