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THE PHOENIX'S DIARY : Ma Extraordinary Secret Life



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What you will read is the diary of a young woman with extraordinary and unique destiny. During her childhood she began to see signs and the invisible world then will come the dreams of the sky but the evil will follow her and try to put obstacles to her to harm her as well as malicious people and a satanic society to know who she really is but what they do not know is that this young woman is under very high protection. She is going to live secretly terrible trials and will suffer martyrdom, she will have to escape a psychopathic sorcerer, suffer witchcraft, demons and absolute evil herself because she is coveted but she will not be alone, she will always be accompany and she will meet an extraordinary man who will help him. She will discover the truth about her, who she really is and her purpose in this world. She will get help, extraordinary things, wonderful gifts and travels, visions of the most beautiful, she will be named, she is the key and the one who sees the truth.. I am this young woman and these is my diary that I have held since 2006 where I wrote everything I saw, how I felt, what I received, what I have lived and endured really and secretly. To each his destiny but mine is so out of the ordinary that it will surprise you and I will reveal it to you.. Trailer of the Book Available :








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