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The Artificial Anatomy of Parks

Kat Gordon


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Shortlisted for the The Guardian Not The Booker Prize
‘...done with conviction and charm... a genuine and sincere expression of a troubled young soul.’
The Guardian
At twenty-one, Tallulah Park lives alone in a grimy bedsit. There’s a sink in her bedroom and a strange damp smell that means she wakes up wheezing. Then she gets the call that her father has had a heart attack.

Years before, she was being tossed around her difficult family; a world of sniping aunts, precocious cousins, emigrant pianists and lots of gin, all presided over by an unconventional grandmother. 

But no one was answering Tallie’s questions: why did Aunt Vivienne loathe Tallie’s mother? Why is everyone making excuses for her absent father? Who was Uncle Jack and why would no one talk about him?

As Tallie grows up, she learns the hard way about damage and betrayal, that in the end, the worst betrayals are those we inflict on ourselves. This is her story about the journey from love to loss and back again.

‘Exquisite and understated... an autopsy of how we love and an exploration of forgiveness, both disturbing and shimmering in deceptive simplicity.’
Liza Klaussmann, Tigers in Red Weather


Legend Press






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Romans & fictions, Romans, International, In English