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Robert Lock


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"The starlings dance in mesmerising patterns. In and out they fold. Up and down. Below them a Victorian pier has stood the test of time, carrying each generation over a cold and relentless sea."
This heartfelt historical drama follows the lives of five strangers over the course of 150 years. Each of them stop to look at the murmuration of starlings in the very same spot on the pier of a Victorian seaside town, and from that moment on their distinct stories are united by a common thread: a terrible mistake that keeps on repeating with every generation. Only one mysterious man has the power to stop history repeating itself again by solving a mystery as old as the pier itself.
A sweeping narrative filled with intrigue and magical realism, Murmuration explores the shifting patterns of fate. Is there order in the universe? And if not, how can our souls ever truly move on? 
A perfect summer read for fans of Cloud Atlas.

‘Murmuration is a magically woven tale of human connectivity, frailty, and the hold the past can have over the present. My promise of just one more page was constantly broken,’ Laura Parish, Novel Kicks
‘This is simply a splendid book. Full of convincing and realistic characters, their various voices convey not only their personalities but also a sense of time… Those who enjoy historical novels for their understanding of people of the past will find much to savour in this book,’ Julie Barham
‘I have fallen in love with this book and its hypnotic and mesmerizing stories… I just didn't want it to end and already know that I will come back to it time and time again. This is a tremendous work of art, as Robert Lock creates the most vivid images with his beautiful descriptions in every single sentence. At times it is simple and direct and at others more exquisite and flamboyant. It is absolute perfection!’ Sue Hampson
‘Murmuration is a deeply compelling insight into the human condition. A stark and honest debut,’ Mari Ellis Dunning


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Romans & fictions, Romans, Fantasy, International