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The Great Unexpected

Dan Mooney


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“If you’re going to end it, you better make it big. No slipping off bridges, it’s undignified for men of our vintage. Go big or don’t bother.” Joel lives in a nursing home and he’s not one bit happy about it. He doesn’t like being told when to eat, when to sleep, when to take his pills. In fact, he doesn’t like living at all, and he’s decided he’s going to end his life on his terms.When he tells retired soap-actor Frank about his dark plan, Frank urges him to go out with a bang. Together, they embark on a mission to find the perfect suicide, and along the way, discover the strength of friendship when you really feel alone. 'An engaging and poignant story that deserves to be read and enjoyed' Juliet Conlin 'A brilliantly rallying cry to society filled with wonderful characters and brilliant humour' The Bookbag 'A darkly funny, heart-breaking and ultimately uplifting story' Steven Primrose-Smith 'A testimony to the powerful medicine that a friend can be' Kirkus


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