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In The Zone : Helping Children Rise to the Challenge of Learning

Mike Lansdown


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In the Zone aims to ensure that children's learning is firmly at the forefront of everything a teacher does in their professional life. Written in the conviction that education is far more than a means to improved SATs and GCSE results, Mike Lansdown focuses relentlessly on learning, thinking and the importance of challenge in ensuring children achieve what they can - both in class and beyond. Including chapters on Creativity, The Terror of Error, and Flow in Learning, this book gets beneath the skin of what it is to learn effectively and to use the words of a contributor, celebrates "the slips, stumbles and blunders along with the moments of grace and unpredictable brilliance of children." Mike draws on a wide range of research and expert opinion from around the world and explains, in simple terms, how we can use this collective wisdom to improve the learning experience for children and, as a direct result, enjoy our teaching more. This book is a must have for any trainee, NQT or more experienced teacher who feels they need to be reminded of why they came into teaching in the first place!


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