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Two Dialogues : Introductions to Philosophy and Libertarianism

J.C Lester


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Why learn about philosophy? Because it is the master subject, more fundamental than all of the others: it critically examines their fundamental assumptions and presuppositions. And without some grasp of philosophy, one cannot be fully educated or even intellectually autonomous: one is the meme-marionette of unexamined traditions, fashions and commonsense assumptions. Why learn about libertarianism? Because politics causes or exacerbates the very problems that it purports to solve or it misperceives voluntary behaviour and free markets as problems. Liberty is always preferable: its maximal practical observance entailing self-ownership, private property and consensual interactions. And libertarianism will be the ideological framework of the future of humankind. These bold claims are expounded and defended in the two dialogues in this book, which are intended to be amusing and stimulating brief introductions to philosophy and to libertarianism. They can be read without any background in either subject. However, they contain many arguments and ideas that may be of interest to people who already have a good grasp of both. They are full of examples of the author's, often highly unorthodox, critically preferred theories, rather than attempting to be comprehensive and neutral (as most introductory books ostensibly try, but inevitably fail, to be).


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Philosophie, Sciences humaines