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The Big Society: The Anatomy of the New Politics

Jesse Norman


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NEW BOOK ARGUES THAT THE BIG SOCIETY WILL REDEFINE BRITISH POLITICS FOR A GENERATION You can call it liberalism. You can call it empowerment. You can call it freedom. You can call it responsibility. I call it the Big Society. The Big Society: the Anatomy of the New Politics, the first book to analyse and explain this influential new idea, shows how the Big Society will redefine British politics for a generation. Ranging widely over economics, philosophy, history, business, civil liberties, education and culture, it reveals how the Big Society is rooted in neglected British intellectual and social traditions but also embodies some of the most unexpected and cutting-edge new policy ideas.  Packed with deep insights and new perspectives, this book tells you everything you need to know about the most exciting idea in British politics. It is essential reading for politicians, economists, social commentators, those in the public services and the voting public. Among other things, it explains -- how the growth of the Labour party has been a disaster for the Left in Britain -- why so much "happiness theory" is intellectually bankrupt -- the paradox of creativity: why high bonuses often reduce, not improve, human performance -- why Conservatives should robustly defend common law human rights -- the social power of music and the arts. Published by the University of Buckingham Press, it is available online and in all good bookshops. A sample chapter can be found on Praise for the author's Compassionate Conservatism (2006): "The intellectual guidebook to Cameronism", Sunday Times, "The book everyone in Westminster is talking about", The Observer, "Superb...What the Conservatives need now is not re-branding but an actual philosophical and policy basis for action. This book brilliantly provides that basis", Andrew Sullivan, political commentator and journalist, "Politicians should encourage the emergence of voluntary co-operation, exchange and virtue in society. This delightful and important book explains why and how, from political first principles to policy nuts and bolts. Conservatives and non-conservatives alike should read it", Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist, "A glimpse of the future of British Conservatism", Adrian Wooldridge, co-author of The Right Nation.


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Politique, Sciences humaines