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The Paradise Trees: page-turning drama full of suspense

Linda Huber


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'An emotionally intelligent thriller - a little gem of a book.' --Caro Ramsay , International best-selling author'Menace crackles through the prose in Linda Huber's disturbing thriller The Paradise Trees.' --We Love This Book'I was gripped by the incredible writing style; the ability to keep the reader guessing and the love that the family share... I am glad I read this book.' --Newbooks MagazineHe had found exactly the right spot in the woods. A little clearing, green and dim, encircled by tall trees. A magical, mystery place. He would bring his lovely Helen here... This time it was going to be perfect.When Alicia Bryson returns to her estranged father's home in a tiny Yorkshire village, she feels burdened by his illness. Her hometown brings back memories of a miserable and violent childhood, and Alicia worries that her young daughter Jenny's summer will be filled with a similar sense of unhappiness.The town is exactly as she remembered it, the people, the buildings, even the woods. But Alicia's arrival has not gone unnoticed.There is someone watching her every move. Someone who has a plan of his own. Someone who will not stop until the people he loves most can rest together, in paradise.A psychological page-turner, perfect for fans of Linda Green, Alex Marwood and Sophie Hannah


Legend Press






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