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A Free Woman - Erotic Short Story

B. J. Hermansson


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"I am sitting on a balcony, looking out over the sea as I write these lines. The manifesto of a woman, my will. A free woman. The sun is setting and I’m drinking a café au lait as I gaze at the horizon. The air is warm and comfortable. A cool breeze announces itself. I take a sip from my cup. Make myself comfortable. A contented smile spreads across my face, as wide as the sun itself. I take off my glasses and let the light breeze touch me. I close my eyes for a moment. Lean back. Look up. And I'm still here. I'm still me. I can hear him breathing in his sleep from the room inside. Sleeping. Dreaming. I enjoy the content of my cup as I sit here and look out over a beautiful and exciting world." A Free Woman is an erotic short story about a late-middle-aged woman who challenges norms and expectations that society expects her to conform to. She embraces a way of life that is considered taboo. She takes on young lovers and experiences a sexual awakening that turns her into a new person.


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Romans & fictions, Romance, Top des Romans