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Summary: The Seven-Day Weekend - Ricardo Semler

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Business News Publishing

Complete summary of Andrew D. Klein's book: "Wallstreet.Com, Fat Cat Investing at the Click of a Mouse: How Andy Klein and the Internet Can Give Everyone a Seat on the Exchange".This summary of the ideas from Andrew D. Klein's book "Wallstreet.Com, Fat Cat Investing at the Click of a Mouse" shows that, until recently, Wall Street has been a private club for the very rich investment bankers. In his book, the author tells the story of how he founded Wit Capital, revolutionizing the stock market and changing Wall Street to become accessible to the average investor. This summary is a must-read for anyone who wants to take advantage of the internet to raise funds for their start-up.Added-value of this summary:� Save time� Understand key concepts� Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read "Wallstreet.Com, Fat Cat Investing at the Click of a Mouse" and find out how you can use the internet to get a slice of the Wall Street investment action.

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