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Summary : The Future of Management - Gary Hamel with Bill Breen

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Business News Publishing

Complete summary of W. Clement Stone's book: "The Success System that Never Fails: Success Can Be Reduced to a Never Fail Formula".This summary of the ideas from W. Clement Stone's book "The Success System that Never Fails" shows that everyone wants something: money, prestige, love, success, health, wisdom, etc. In a world of unlimited opportunity, are there formulas, rules or principles that will guarantee success? In this book, the author presents his success system that never fails, which is made up of three principles. This summary will teach you how to apply these principles and how you can repeat the formula over and over again.Added-value of this summary:� Save time� Understand key concepts� Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read "The Success System that Never Fails" and find out how you can ensure success in everything you do.

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