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Summary: Build Your Own Garage - Bernd Schmitt and Laura Brown

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Business News Publishing

The must-read summary of Amey Stone and Mike Brewster's book: "King of Capital: Sandy Weill and the Making of Citigroup".This complete summary of the ideas from Amey Stone and Mike Brewster's book "King of Capital" investigates the career of Sandy Weill, entrepreneur and CEO of Citigroup. In their book, the authors reveal the secrets behind his success: his interest in the business itself, and the business processes. This summary provides an insight into the professional accomplishments of this individual, business strategy and how to prioritize and achieve goals.Added-value of this summary:ﻡ؟ﺵ Save timeﻡ؟ﺵ Understand key conceptsﻡ؟ﺵ Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read "King of Capital" and discover the story behind the CEO of Citigroup, Sandy Weill.

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