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Summary: Re-Thinking the Network Economy - Stan Liebowitz

BusinessNews Publishing

Business News Publishing

The must-read summary of Bernd Schmitt and Laura Brown's book: "Build Your Own Garage: Blueprints and Tools to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Creativity".This complete summary of the ideas from Bernd Schmitt and Laura Brown's book "Build Your Own Garage" explains how in business, garages are considered to be the places where good ideas can be grown into new businesses. In their book, the authors state that every company needs an in-house garage, where creative ideas can develop, allowing the company to remain vibrant and successful in the future. This summary reveals the key to building and running a successful corporate garage and why you should build one for your company immediately.Added-value of this summary:ﻡ؟ﺵ Save timeﻡ؟ﺵ Understand key conceptsﻡ؟ﺵ Expand your business knowledgeTo learn more, read "Build Your Own Garage" and discover how you can ensure the future success of your company by building a corporate garage.

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