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Summary: Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins - Richard Farson and Ralph Keyes

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Business News Publishing

Complete summary of Darby Checketts' book: "Leverage: How to Create Your Own "Tipping Points" in Business and in Life".This summary of the ideas from Darby Checketts' book "Leverage" proposes an intriguing and ultimately convincing argument: at the focal point of every problem there is always a lever. If you identify that lever correctly and then apply it intelligently, every problem that arises can be solved. In this book, the author provides the reader with a list of personal levers that they can develop and states the importance of the 5 key areas of life: family, community, career, hobbies and personal development. This summary offers a motivating and exciting blueprint for the most effective ways to gain more from your career, and your life as a whole.Added-value of this summary:ﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Save timeﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Understand key conceptsﻡ؛­ﻅﻡﻑ٥ Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read "Leverage" and start getting the most out of everything that you do.

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