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Mr Wrong : A Homespun Romance

Geeta Kakade

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Kate McArthur is determined to marry for security: a man with a good job and bright future. Based on her own upbringing mired in poverty she has schooled herself to be the perfect mate. . .for a rich man. She doesn’t want any children she has to ever have to go through what she did. Enter Brady Gallagher, stand-in salesman for an afternoon, who takes one look at Kate and decides she’s the woman for him. When he discovers she wants to marry for money, he stubbornly refuses to tell her that he’s an affluent lawyer wanting to prove to Kate that marrying for anything other than love, is unthinkable. Glad his ancestor did such a good job of kissing the Blarney stone, and passing the right genes on, Brady sets out to strip Kate of all her defenses and prove to her that her version of ‘Mr. Wrong’ is indeed the ‘Mr. Right’ she has been looking for all her life.

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