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Desire 12: Roleplay

Malva B

Saga Egmont International

"Hanna sticks her hand into his briefs and massages. The sweet smell of sex spreads as she removes his last piece of clothing. He lies before her, naked and defenseless. She is filled with a feeling of control as he swells in her hand. She strokes his warm cock against her panties, as she has done with Martin so many times in her fantasies." Hanna and Fredrik keeps exploring their sexual boundaries, this time in Prague, while trying to mend their relationship and find new and exciting things to try. A man catches Hanna’s eye at a strip club and they decide to pretend she’s a sex worker with her pimp. Hanna never knew having sex for cash could feel so enthralling, but the trip takes a turn for the worse when the truth about Fredrik is revealed... Keywords: erotica, sex, lust, desire, passion, roleplay, Prague, vacation

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