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DILF - Erotic Short Story

B. J. Hermansson

Saga Egmont International

There are MILFs, and then there are DILFs... "And I held his cock in my hand. Stroking it, I alternated between a fast and a slow pace. I rubbed his tip. Moistened my fingers, caressed his cock and watched it get wet and slick. I rubbed my pussy against him, held his erection unbelievably close without really feeling me. Without penetrating me. Yet." Leon, Aaron and Raphael. They all have a few things in common. They’re older, experienced and off limits. But most importantly, they’re dads. DILFs: Dads I’d Like to Fuck. I, Cecilia, am much younger than these men. They are a part of an erotic game to me. A need. An exploration of my own strong longing. I meet these men again and again. The sensation is always thrilling and seductive. Sometimes I dominate them. Sometimes they dominate me. DILF is an erotic short story about a desire and longing for the forbidden.

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