Lucy and Linh : Winner of the Ethel Turner Prize

Author: Alice Pung

Publisher Legend Press

Barnes and Noble Book of the YearWinner of the Ethel Turner PrizeA stunning and important novel which covers important topics such as race, class and abuse of power in an exclusive secondary school in Melbourne, Australia.Laurinda is an exclusive school for girls. At its secret core is the Cabinet, a trio of girls who wield power over their classmates - and some of their teachers.  Entering this world of wealth and secrets is Lucy Lam, a scholarship girl with sharp eyes and a shaky sense of self. As she watches the Cabinet at work, and is courted by them, can Lucy stay true to herself as she finds her way in this new world of privilege and opportunity?Faced with the pressures of fitting in L...






May 3, 2018


803 kB

Lucy and Linh : Winner of the Ethel Turner Prize
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