A Map of Nowhere

Author: Martin Bannister

Publisher Legend Press

'Electro-shock prose that broods with the human need for introspection and the futile fight against it... This is a debut that will beat up your heart.'David Whitehouse, award-winning author of BedDavid Price always wished life would blow up in his face. And then it did. His mother died. The urge to paint left him. Then Sarah came his way, followed by Pete, a psychiatric outpatient. Now David spends his time worrying about Sarah’s eating habits, visiting her terminally ill sister and working as Pete’s carer.When Pete’s odd behaviour starts to leave David fearing for his own safety, he is shocked to discover that Sarah knows the reason why but will not disclose it. What is about to happen wil...






June 1, 2013


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A Map of Nowhere
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