Spy Out The Land

Author: Jeremy Duns

Publisher Simon & Schuster UK

A classic spy novel for fans of Joe Kanon - impeccably researched, beautifully written. A time of turbulence 1975. A summit has been arranged between the Rhodesian government and various nationalist leaders, and is due to take place in railway dining car 49, midway along Victoria Falls Bridge. But Matthew Charamba, a key player in the battle for majority rule in Rhodesia, is hiding a deadly secret. A time of terror Claire and Erik are living in Stockholm, raising their son, Ben. But their quiet life is about to unravel in explosive fashion. Each have hidden pasts, to which the other is oblivious, and those pasts have come back to find them. Time for Paul Dark to take action When his family i...






January 14, 2016


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Spy Out The Land
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