Becoming a Private Investigator

Author: Howie Kahn

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

A fascinating guide to a career as a private investigator written by award-winning journalist Howie Kahn and based on the real-life experiences of an expert in the field—essential reading for someone considering a path to this profession.Becoming a Private Investigator puts a seemingly out-of-reach profession within the your grasp. Weaving practical how-to advice with inspiring case studies, Kahn provides actionable steps anyone can take to pursue a career as a P.I. as he shadows two experienced American P.I.s, Sheila Wysocki and Mark Gillespie, both of whom are investigating a series of deaths about which many questions remain. What skills must they master to find out the truth? What risks ...






May 7, 2019


216 MB

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Becoming a Private Investigator
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