The Blood List

Author: Sarah Naughton

Publisher Simon & Schuster UK

Witchcraft, murder and secrets... A terrifically creepy and claustrophobic thriller from the Costa Book Awards shortlisted author. The year is 1646, tales of witches, murder and changelings are rife and a dark era is about to begin…Barnaby Nightingale is the perfect son; Strong, handsome, daring, everything his father wants him to be, and yet for his mother, Frances, he will never be the son she desires. Frances believes that her real son was taken from her as a baby by the local village folk who believed him to be a changeling, and Barnaby left in his place. Constantly disappointing his mother, Barnaby is spoiled by his father and despised by his younger brother, Abel. But when the beautifu...






February 27, 2014


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The Blood List
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