The Nature of a Man : Through the Eyes of a Woman

Author: Sylvester Stephens

Publisher Strebor Books

The Nature of a Man is a reflective perspective of Alicia Forrester, a woman who is desperately seeking the love she lost as a child.Despite her magnificent beauty, despite her success, Alicia Forrester’s view of the woman in the mirror is one of disappointment, darkness, and despair. Her lack of self-love and her efforts to find it through the heart of a man leads her down the dark path of promiscuity, betrayal, and murder. She spends a lifetime battling the temptation of suicide. One day, the temptation becomes too great and she decides it is better to die in shame than to live in pain. She is found by her friends, characters from The Office Girls and The Nature of a Woman, and they rescue...






May 4, 2010


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The Nature of a Man : Through the Eyes of a Woman
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