The Awakening

Author: Jude Deveraux

Publisher Pocket Books

The New York Times bestselling author of Met Her Match weaves a scintillating tale of passion and romance that could change one guarded woman’s life forever at the turn of the century.Amanda Caulden led a sheltered life on her father’s California ranch until the day Hank Montgomery stormed into town. A hot-blooded union organizer with a taste for ladies and fine champagne, he sensed the fire that smoldered beneath her prim, virtuous beauty and he vowed to make her his. Hank’s assault on her orderly life made Amanda furious—and all the more enticing. Slowly, he drew her into a world of sensuous pleasure: sumptuous meals and moonlit dances, carefree laughter and stolen kisses...gently stirring...






February 1, 2004


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The Awakening
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